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The researchers looked at their results and noted that when two fish saw one another in the tank, they raised their fins and approached each other in an aggressive manner, and both emitted more urine than when they were not able to see another fish. For bacteria facing a dose of antibiotics, timing might be the key to evading destruction. Please don't break into my house and steal it. This then leaves them with too much salt in their bodies. Again, don't freak out like I did.
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Nature calls at Thoreau’s Walden Pond – a little too often, scientists say | The Sacramento Bee

The less impressive individuals swim towards the back of the school, but what they lose in quality food they make up for by swimming in the slipstream created by the fish in front of them. In a series of experiments, Princeton researchers found that cells that repaired DNA damaged by antibiotics before resuming growth In short, fresh water fish do not drink water; but salt water fish do. What is it about hogweed — and lemons and limes — that can cause burns? Submerge the area in the hottest water you can tolerate. And that generates a highly nutritious bonanza for numerous ocean-dwelling animals, he added, providing them with nitrogen, phosphorous and iron.
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Can you get a parasite from peeing in the ocean?

Shinbrot adds that he actually looked into the urine question a bit before writing the research paper because of an urban myth about candiru fish. Dr Shaun Killen, a biologist at the University of Glasgow , who led the work, found that trailing fish required fewer tail beats to swim at the same speed as individuals at the front of schools. Where do birds go when they die? And does it matter what the liquid is? They estimated the metabolic rate of the fish by measuring how fast the oxygen levels in the water were declining as the animals breathed and worked out the effort each fish was making by counting the number of beats it made with its tail. Congratulations to the 40 Regeneron Science Talent Search finalists!
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Earth Rotation Changes Zodiac Signs. Here Is The Difference. I remember looking down my body and seeing a long red line with lots of little dots along it. During staged encounters, we allowed either visual and chemical contact between two contestants or visual contact only. If you're a diver and you run into trouble, try to get into a position where the shark can't get behind you, says Peirce. Charley Cameron April 28, Interestingly, the researchers also noted that when the urine was not able to pass through the barrier and the fish were able to see one another, both emitted more urine than in any other scenario, apparently aware that their message was not getting through.
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