Synonym chubby cherubic

Identified, authorized, authenticated, attested, signed. Work, do, perform, exe- cute; behave; play, feign, pre- tend, dissemble; operate, have effect; be, realize, actualize. Quarrel, tussle, scuffle, scrimmage, collision, brawl, dis- turbance, fight, rumpus, strug- gle, contest, strife, encounter, feud, tumult. Signal fire, mark, sign, guide, light, flame. Equal, competent, fitted, qualified, suitable, suffi- cient, capable, adapted, satis- factory ; proportionate, com- mensurate. Sick, ill, indisposed, un- well, feeble, infirm, weakly, delicate, unhealthy, pining.

Synonyms and antonyms of cherubic in the English dictionary of synonyms

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Please help us to share our service with your friends. Callie keeping on saying that "her" whole life was about the leg made it worse. Where I'm from chubby means fat. English prepositions How to get prepositions right in a heartbeat. Example Sentences for plump Her hair, which hung about her plump shoulders, was a lovely golden brown. And that Arizona was being perfectly fair in asking Callie to promise not to amputate.

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Take away surrepti- tiously or forcibly , kidnap, run away with, carry off, spirit away, drag away. Liberal, large, spacious, plentiful, copious, lavish, exu- berant, bountiful, generous. Accomplish, perform, complete, finish, realize, bring to pass, work out, conclude ; ob- tain, acquire, gain, win, get. Absorbing, imbib- ing, assimilation, destruction, consumption, exhaustion ; en- grossment, engagement, occu- pation, immersion. Acquit, clear, exoner- ate, forgive, free, liberate, re- lease, pardon, set free, dis- charge, exempt, exculpate. Lose, fail of, forfeit, give up, abandon, let go, miss.
Blue-grass and Broadway Maria Thompson Daviess. Thank you for contributing! Conclude, Finish, Discontinue Antonyms: Definition of cherub for English Language Learners. Putti are distinct from cherubim.

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