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Also If art is this much of a chore for her than she clearly doesn't like it. Knowingly or unknowingly, they are waiting for Kalki; Kalki the last Man Against Time; the one whom Adolf Hitler foresaw in ; the Avenger who will give them— or their children— the world. Some colors are different between companies Schmincke's cerulean blue is different from Daniel smith, sort of but this is just no. She bought all of that new furniture and the cats are going to ruin it. She could at least go out and sit in a park or her beloved Tim Horton's and practice her life drawing that way. Please dump everything WW I related you have also this war was the real war that destroyed europe and monarchism and not like most believe WW II and if central powers had won europe would still rule the world with an iron fist instead of the cuckery that we have today. There are several realms of suck to explore when it comes to her Youtube channels.

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She barely has any improvement throughout the years. I think she burned herself out and hates it when people try and help her. Educating the public, 3. It's the new leftist buzzword for speech they don't like. Drag them here and do whatever you can to identify their platforms. The only one holding her back is herself ffs. She won't be able to keep up.

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She has enough money to buy all those dollar store paints, she could spare some cash and get a medium to thin her nicer paints. Cultural Marxism and multiculturalism sure screwed them up big time, if the left was ever sane to begin with. If you wanna fish for compliments, go on Instagram or whatever. Did God send an angel to talk him straight on the evils of The Gay Community? They're all pretty ugly but this one is especially bad. But god forbid one single enterprise not immediately represent every damn culture on earth.
Sorry bitch, you lose sometimes hehe! I have never seen a website like this before, and I found it while looking up UN guidelines on genocide of a race. Literally all she does is bitch in vlogs. Especially when your subject is a photo. In their anti-white quote section, one of the U.

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